Company profile

The company TECHTEAM was founded in spring 2009.

Its present core business is civil engineering especially in the field of TEB (technical equipment of buildings). The company offers its customers high quality and professional services starting with consulting services which proves its good position on the construction market. The company management has proved its high professionalism and has a good functioning and professional company management system ISO 9001:2008. It has proved itself with numerous construction and investment projects not only in Slovakia but also in the Czech republic.

The company also holds the ISO 14001:2004 certificate.



Techteam news and press releases

18. January 2019Reconstruction and superstructure of Bezručova 3 and Bezručova 5

The reconstruction and superstructure of Bezručova 3 and Berzučova 5 are also underway.

18. January 2019Pediatric cardio center Pavilion and diagnostic center extension

Construction of a pediatric cardiocentre pavilion and addition of a diagnostic center.