Company profile

The company TECHTEAM was founded in spring 2009.

Its present core business is civil engineering especially in the field of TEB (technical equipment of buildings). The company offers its customers high quality and professional services starting with consulting services which proves its good position on the construction market. The company management has proved its high professionalism and has a good functioning and professional company management system ISO 9001:2008. It has proved itself with numerous construction and investment projects not only in Slovakia but also in the Czech republic. The company also holds the ISO 14001:2004 certificate.   
TECHTEAM has a unique position on the market thanks to the quality of the technical equipment it offers as well as due date delivery and professional services. The company continues to develop itself technically, offers flexible solutions and never ceases to highly motivate its staff.

For us, each customer is significant and important. We treat our customers with respect and we are more than happy to fulfill their individual needs and requirements. It is our pleasure to do everything it takes so that the customers could use the services and equipment in a comfortable, simple and effective way.

Is flexible, strong and reliable when fulfilling requirements